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Setting your domain

What is a domain?

A domain is simply your website’s name. It’s what people type in their browser to visit your website.

Domain, subdomain, path, URL

Suppose you run Best Cakes, an online bakery. And your top cake designs can be viewed at the Breaking it down:

  •, the middle portion of your URL in this case, is your domain. Something you must own to be able to run a website on - just the same way you have to buy piece of land first to build a house on it.

  • www at the front is the subdomain. Subdomains allow multiple web-properties share the same domain. For instance, your website might be running on, your mail server on and your landing pages on - all based off the same domain

  • /top10 at the very end is called the path. Each path uniquely represents a page on your website.

Are domain names free?

No. Domain names are like online real-estate that you must purchase to be able to connect it to your website.

How to buy a domain?

You can buy your domain from select certified companies, known as domain registrars. In addition to selling domains, they also function as agents protecting your hold on the purchased domain.

Popular domain registrars include Godaddy, Namecheap, Google domains and many others. PageHits is not affiliated with any particular registrar and recommends doing your own research before buying.

A domain could cost anywhere from five bucks to millions, based on availability, demand and flash deals. Sedo is a great tool to search for availability and bid on auctions. Again, no affiliations.

Using domains with PageHits

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