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AB test with pages and variants

What is AB testing

It sucks when unvalidated assumptions go wrong, as they frequently do. AB testing helps you avoid such nasty surprises by letting real-world user-data drive key decisions.

In the context of landing pages, AB testing goes like this. Instead of driving the entire traffic to a single landing page, you split and redirect part of your traffic to an experimental variation (variant B) of your original landing page (variant A). And let analytics data pick the winner.

AB testing illustration

Such experiments could be alternate messaging, html layouts, call-to-actions etc. AB testing is used by founders and investors to validate startup-ideas, target-markets, pricing-models, and by marketers to improve campaign ROI, enter new markets, launch new products and so on.

And now, PageHits makes it easier than ever.

Pages and Variants

When you create a new landing page on PageHits, it features a single variant - the default one.

Creating variants

Additional variants can be created in one of two ways.

Either create a blank variant or clone an existing variant.

Distributing traffic

Distribute traffic among your variants by moving the sliders.

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