Cold Email Campaigns: To Do or Not To Do
Do you want to send cold emails? Is it an absolute no-no? What are the challenges of sending cold emails? Are your competitors trying these tactics? These are the questions that might come to your mind.
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Content marketing 101 - a proven approach for success
In today’s 24/7 world, content is considered to be the king. Do you realize where a decision is made by today’s consumers? It will not be at a point of sale. Most of the top brands make sales based on decisions made behind their backs. And this is where content marketing comes in.
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Email marketing strategy - a simple approach that works
Email marketing can be a cost-effective way to keep in touch with your subscribers and potentially new opportunities. This is key to show that you are relevant and establish a position of authority. With email automation tools it is relatively easy to blast hundreds of emails in one shot. If done properly this can generate high ROI over some time.
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Digital marketing survey results 2021
We are very excited to present our digital marketing survey results. This is important for us as well as our customers to get a pulse of the market. The survey is based on 494 respondents from different industries all across the US.
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Social media - how to be successful
What is that one thing that you love and hate at the same time but cannot afford to ignore? No brownie points for guessing, it’s the social media. Once upon a time not so long back, there used to be a debate on whether as an individual or a business you should be present on social.
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Digital marketing guide you can't afford to miss
Digital marketing can be immensely powerful if used correctly. There are a ton of success stories of companies leveraging digital marketing to create a significantly huge brand presence spending a fraction of the traditional advertising budget.
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Social media marketing - what is it & how to make it work
The way we create, and promote our products and brands have changed drastically. Digital Marketing has now become a key tool for any company. It is used to not only promote their brand but also to attract new customers and, more importantly, engage with them.
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Why Your CRM Sucks & 5 Quick Fixes
Every company needs to have CRM software, period. This might sound cliché but the fact of the matter is you do need a repository of all your contacts and their attributes.
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